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Leap around the world!

A simple game for 8+ to learn our geo-political world



GeoFrog is a simple 3D self-led tablet game for learning country names, locations, shapes, capital cities and national flags.
A fun and educational experience by engaging with children’s natural curiosity for game play, space, and frogs.
Helping to build a greater global spatial awareness earlier in life, upon which to place future knowledge about culture, economics and the natural world.

….it’s also fun for adults! Test yourself and see how much you thought you knew!

Compatible with all iOS (7.0+) and Android (5.1+) tablets and smartphones.

Motivate with imagination

GeoFrog is wrapped in the story of the GeoFrogs: a wise race of space travellers that roam the universe in search of planets to learn about.

Their governing body, UFROG (Universal Federation Regulating Ordained GeoFrogs)’ have come to earth to recruit new GeoFrogs.

To prove themselves worthy players must take the GeoFrogs on a leaping tour around our world to identify every country!

Interactive and intuitive

GeoFrog is simple and intuitive to play with players dragging and dropping Country names onto locations.

When they get it right the Countries capital city and national flag appears. The capital city is in its proper location.

Players interact with the earth by using their fingers to zoom, pan, and rotate.

Self-led investigative learning

Players are free to identify countries in whatever order they choose at their own pace, no prompts of cues are provided.

Players are encouraged to search for Countries by using the Help buttons, these provide spatial clues such as continent, hemisphere and neighbours. Interesting statistics are also presented.

The game is based on ‘slow gaming’ principles where player are rewarded via the gathering knowledge over a longer play cycle, rather than a short term rush.

Additional Help features

The Labels button turns Continent and Regions labels on and off to assist locating Countries.

Other permanent labels are shown for spatial context, for example Oceans, Equator, Tropic of Capricorn, Tropic of Cancer, and the International Date Line.

A Timer is also provided so players can test themselves against the clock, or compare times with their friends.


Page 5-1 Tap country name
Page 5-2 Drag over country
Page 5-3 Drop over country
Page 5-4 Information panel